You may return a defective or not-fitting item within 14 calendar days of receiving it by informing us by an e-mail or a phone and filling out a refund form.

Refund form: Fill the form

The starting point of the money back guarantee is the date of receipt of the item. Returned items must be handed over to the courier within 5 days of submission of the return form, with late delivery of goods - the warranty is no longer applicable. DUST.LT does not cover the cost of the returning of purchased items.

Within 14 calendar days you can:

  • Get back your money.
  • Change item size or model

The returned item must meet the following requirements:

  • The item must not be worn, damaged, modified or otherwise affected.
  • The item must be in its original packaging.

Once the quality specialist determines that the returned item meets previously mentioned requirements, we will issue a refund within 5 business days of receiving it.

Custom made items are NOT REFUNDABLE.