Unusual winds bring courage. Be yourself. DUST - A touch of jewellery for a unique personality.

We are a studio, which creates in Lithuania and believes in exceptional quality. We strive to be confident, unique and to break established standards.

We play with exclusive shapes, creating combinations of recyclable precious metals and organic diamonds, embellishing jewellery with pearl touches and gilding an everyday life. Our work includes rough diamonds that are certified and manufactured only in non-conflict zones.

We work mainly with recyclable gold. In our processes, jewellery is lifted to a second life, because we use only a precious scrap metal, which we often buy from our users who do not need it. In the world, gold mining is extremely harmful to a man, and miners face an extremely dangerous working environment. We believe, that in small steps we can contribute to more sustainable creativity, as gold can be recycled in the market to new raw material that do not lose their good qualities and contribute to the market for ethically produced products.

In the game of invisible dust is self-confidence. Will you join in?